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Go Bottleless & Go Green

It is all of our responsibility to protect our environment and natural resources.  Replacing outdated bottled water delivery programs with environmentally friendly Bottleless Water Coolers is one the easiest ways to immediately reduce your organizations carbon footprint.

American Food & Vending is one of the largest providers of bottleless cooler in the United States and every year our filtration programs eliminate approximately 300,000 five gallon plastic bottles from circulation.  That means that in one year we:

  • Eliminate the production of 300,000 new plastic bottles
  • Prevent nearly 1 million cubic feet of plastic from entering our landfills
  • Eliminate the bulk processing and transport of 1.5 million gallons of bottled water
  • Eliminate the constant delivery of more than 13 million pounds of water

Let us add your bottles to these growing numbers and together we can do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and make the planet a little greener