American Food & Vending Paves the Way for the Future of Canton, Akron, and Cleveland Office Vending Machines

Employees use Canton office vending machines all the time at work. But do they know about the unique history of snack vending machines? Believe it or not, vending machines were first thought of in the 1st century AD.

Are you curious to learn more? Here’s a brief look at the history of snack and beverage vending machines. We’ll also tell you how we’re paving the way for a brighter vending future.

The World’s First Vending Machine

Hero of Alexandria invented the vending machine. It was designed to dispense holy water in ancient temples. Users would insert a coin for the water.

Today’s vending machines work the same way. However, Akron’s breakroom technology has made them smarter.

The Rise of Automated Refreshment Services

Vending machines saw a big change after World War II. Electric motors made machines faster and more reliable. People could now easily buy sodas, snacks, and even cigarettes. Users could purchase Canton office coffee and hot foods like soup down the road.

Businesses soon took notice. They knew that vending machines could be a great employee benefit, so more companies installed them in their breakrooms.

Meet the Modern Office Vending Machines

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As Cleveland breakroom solutions improved, vending machine users could pay with coins, cash, and cards. Electric machines were first seen in the late 20th century. This made them even more efficient.

Heating and cooling technologies allowed vending machines to store fresh foods. These healthy items improve workplace culture and boost employee retention. Employees who eat right feel their best.

Leaders in Vending Technology

Are you ready for a breakroom renovation? If so, contact American Food & Vending! We are leaders in intelligent vending solutions. We recently won NAMA’s 2024 Operator of the Year Award. This shows our passion for cutting-edge tech.

Our vending machines improve company culture. Additionally, they can save you time and money. How? Real-time tracking lets us monitor your machines. We’ll see if you’re running low and restock products as needed. Thus, your vending machines stay full. This keeps employees happy.

Technology also helps us learn what products employees want. We track trends and purchases. Therefore, we only offer items customers crave.

Lastly, AFV stays one step ahead of problems. We use data to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Your vending machines function at their best. Plus, you’ll save more money on repair costs

Lastly, ZippyAssist makes checkouts fast and easy. It provides instant refunds and quick support and speaks different languages.

AFV Goes Beyond Office Vending Machines

Do you want a breakroom update? AFV can help! We offer more than vending services. Employees can buy fresh food in our Akron Micro Markets 24/7. Or, boost employee satisfaction with a Cleveland office pantry. Free food is one of the best employee perks!

Contact AFV today at 1-800-466-9261 for more info. Ask us about our Canton water filtration, office coffee, and vending solutions. We hope to hear from you soon!