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AFV Named NAMA’s 2024 Operator of the Year

American Food & Vending has been named NAMA’s 2024 Operator of the Year! NAMA, or the National Automatic Merchandising Association, provides advocacy, education, and research for companies in the convenience service industry. This award is given to businesses that advance the industry through innovation and show a willingness to push beyond traditional practices.

Leading the Way in Technology

One of the reasons we won the 2024 Operator of the Year is our leadership in breakroom technology. We have made big investments in technology. And we even made our own systems to use across multiple states. This has made us a top break room provider. We offer everything from Micro Markets and office pantry services to vending machines. We also offer ZippyAssist, which has made a big impact. This is a customer service app for vending machines. It makes it easy for teams to report issues or request new products. This has helped make break rooms great for offices. As a result, AFV fuels teams and makes them happy to be at work.

New Breakroom Ideas

2024 NAMA Operator of the Year | Breakroom Solutions | Employee Benefit

AFV’s commitment to new ideas goes beyond technology, too. We offer many refreshment services that make workplaces better and keep employees happy. These offers include coffee, tea, and water to suit everyone’s tastes. Plus, we have pantry solutions to keep breakrooms full of healthy and tasty snacks. These updates aren’t just convenient. They also help create a positive company culture, which means better employee retention. So, it’s good for both your team and the business.

The Owners of AFV

People know Joshua and Martin Wells, the co-owners of AFV, for their hard work and dedication to the industry. They have shown great determination in overcoming challenges and always improving their business. They are also very involved in industry organizations like NAMA and NYSAVA. The bottom line is that they care about their work, their team, and, of course, their clients.

Joshua Wells has played an important role in NAMA. He participated in Fly-In and Advocacy Summits and served on the Board of Directors from 2014 to 2020. Thus, he has helped shape the industry and bring positive changes. NAMA recognized the Wells brothers’ hard work when the Wells brothers accepted the 2024 Operator of the Year Award for AFV. And now, they will keep working to move forward.

Proud 2024 Operator of the Year

Being named the 2024 Operator of the Year by NAMA shows how committed AFV is to being a great leader in the food service industry. And we want to help make your breakroom the best it can be.

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8 Reasons Your St. Louis, Edwardsville, or Clayton Office Needs a Water Filtration System

Office water filtration is a great breakroom renovation. It improves office health, keeps water fresh, improves productivity, and boosts morale. It’s also a great way to show support for earth-friendly breakroom solutions.

Office Water Filtration Has Many Benefits

American Food & Vending offers water filtration in St. Louis, Edwardsville, and Clayton. We help choose the right solution for each client to get the best result. It’s a fast-growing employee benefit that many companies are adding. Here are the reasons why:

1. Office Water Filtration Ensures Quality

Water from an office filtration system is clean and easy to get. The filter removes contaminants, chlorine, and other impurities, which improves taste, which is an employee perk.

Filtered water can prevent exposure to items with harmful long-term effects. Heavy metals, for example, can contribute to long-term health issues for employees. Get rid of those with filters.

Are you worried about germs? UV technology purifies water so staff can confidently use the office water cooler. This is the type of breakroom update that shows you care, and it drives up the employee retention rate.

2. Drives Performance

Studies show that drinking enough water impacts productivity. That means to function at their best, staff need to stay hydrated. Quick access to chilled, purified, or filtered water gives them that. Staff can trust the water is clean and tastes great too.

3. Boosts Energy

Just as drinking water helps with performance, it also boosts energy. That means clearer thoughts, fewer problems, and better work. St. Louis water filtration gets staff to drink more water. It’s an oasis that revives tired employees.

4. Aids Employee Health

Clean filtered water keeps your staff from ingesting impurities; the more they drink, the better their health. Water is known to promote all types of functions. UC Davis Health says water is how nutrients get to cells, how the body gets rid of waste, how joints and organs protect themselves, and how the body maintains its temperature. That’s a lot for such a simple beverage. But it’s powerful. Offering Clayton filtered water in your employee perks package can help staff live healthier lives. Thus, reducing their sick time and insurance costs. It’s a win for all!

5. Office Water Filtration Creates a Social Hub

Does company culture need a boost? Why not bring back the water cooler? Today’s water systems are better looking and offer hot, cold, and room-temperature water. But most importantly, they bring people together. Staff grabbing a refill can chat, catch up on a project, or hash out a new idea. There’s no better way to boost morale.

St. Louis Refreshment Services | Edwardsville Company Culture | Clayton Office Water Filtration

6. Reduces Single-Use Plastics

Water filtration will help reduce your carbon footprint by more than 70%. Part of that is refilling cups and bottles, which means your staff uses less single-use plastic. This lets you use water filtration to align with sustainability goals.

7. Pairs Well With More Services

When filtered water is added to a breakroom, office coffee tastes better. The instant hot water makes brewing hot tea or making hot chocolate quick and easy.

A glass of filtered water is a healthy choice to enjoy with meals from the St. Louis Micro Market. You can also quench your thirst with a snack from the Edwardsville vending machines. American Food & Vending will install the filtration system, making it one of the most hassle-free breakroom solutions.

8. Creates a Drinking Experience

A specialty water filter can make water personalized and exciting. Bevi water coolers, for example, let staff create their own water-based drink in seconds. They can choose still or sparkling water and change the intensity of the bubbles. Over a dozen natural flavors and three enhancements are available. Plus, staff can craft all this from their smartphone. It’s a new way to boost workplace culture.

St. Louis Office Water Filtration is a Breakroom Must

Adding water filtration service to your St. Louis, Edwardsville, or Clayton breakroom has far-reaching benefits. It ensures high-quality water that can keep staff healthy. It drives hydration, which helps performance, boosts energy, and keeps your body working well. Our water dispensers are also convenient and green and make water an experience.

Contact American Food & Vending to learn more about water filtration. We have the refreshment services to get you and your team more water-related perks. Don’t forget to ask about vending and office pantry services, too. We have it all!