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The ROI of Happiness: Investing in Office Pantry Service for your St. Louis Area Team

There’s a direct link between free refreshments and employee happiness. That’s why a service like an office pantry can improve a workplace culture. Employees feel valued and more positive, which leads to a stream of top candidates, better productivity, and a stronger bottom line.

With refreshment services know-how from American Food & Vending, it’s simple to give morale-boosting free coffee, tea, and snacks at work. No matter what size or shape your workplace, our St. Louis office pantry service will exceed expectations. After all, we were NAMA’s 2024 Operator of the Year for a reason. Keep reading to find out how that zeal for breakroom solutions will aid your company culture with real results.

Office Pantry Lowers Turnover

It is costly to replace an employee. There are hiring ads, interview time, training, and finally the compensation. All that can add up. It can range from one-half to two times the annual salary of the staff who left. So what’s the solution?  Well, offering free goodies in the breakroom can foster a supportive, caring culture. In turn, that will retain staff and make them more reluctant to leave.

Take our Edwardsville office pantry service. It can offer office snacks and drinks which are considered a perk by staff. You providing these items for free is a small, yet notable, way to improve employee retention. It’s about showing that your company cares about its people and their well-being.

Use the Pantry for St. Louis Office Branding

While a St. Louis Micro Market is a great solution, offering free items in the breakroom is a statement about a company’s culture and values. Does the employer view its staff as important? Is it willing to provide office pantry snacks and drinks as a benefit to show that caring? If the answer is yes, American Food & Vending has you covered. Our office pantry solutions serve companies in the Greater St. Louis Area. We can bring in the thoughtful items you want to impress your team.

When staff see that they are a high priority, it makes the company a more desirable place to work. That retains staff but also attracts top talent within an industry. It’s also good for your overall brand image.

Edwardsville Employee Retention | Clayton Office Pantry | Greater St. Louis Area Refreshment Services

Boost Productivity and Creativity

Access to a great snack and drink selection limits disruptions throughout the day. Staff can stop in to energize and hydrate fast. There are no lines or travel time, so they can get back to the job at hand.

But office pantry is not just an employee benefit. It changes the culture. The co-worker space born of free refreshment aids impromptu collaboration. These informal, organic talks can lead to creative solutions and innovation. New ideas and efficiency will drive the company’s growth and success.

Work with St. Louis Area Office Pantry Service Experts – American Food & Vending

Employee perks like Clayton’s office pantry are powerful breakroom updates. They can be positive for morale and help retain staff. The change in atmosphere from a breakroom renovation like a pantry service can also boost the corporate image, which attracts top talent. Don’t forget the way today’s top-selling snacks and drinks reshape the vibe to be more creative and, thus, more productive.

If you want office pantry service in your St. Louis breakroom or even vending service, contact American Food & Vending. We have the breakroom technology to wow staff and transform your company culture. Call us today at 1-800-466-9261.

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American Food & Vending Paves the Way for the Future of Canton, Akron, and Cleveland Office Vending Machines

Employees use Canton office vending machines all the time at work. But do they know about the unique history of snack vending machines? Believe it or not, vending machines were first thought of in the 1st century AD.

Are you curious to learn more? Here’s a brief look at the history of snack and beverage vending machines. We’ll also tell you how we’re paving the way for a brighter vending future.

The World’s First Vending Machine

Hero of Alexandria invented the vending machine. It was designed to dispense holy water in ancient temples. Users would insert a coin for the water.

Today’s vending machines work the same way. However, Akron’s breakroom technology has made them smarter.

The Rise of Automated Refreshment Services

Vending machines saw a big change after World War II. Electric motors made machines faster and more reliable. People could now easily buy sodas, snacks, and even cigarettes. Users could purchase Canton office coffee and hot foods like soup down the road.

Businesses soon took notice. They knew that vending machines could be a great employee benefit, so more companies installed them in their breakrooms.

Meet the Modern Office Vending Machines

Akron Office Vending Machines | Canton Staff Perks | Cleveland Breakroom Solutions

As Cleveland breakroom solutions improved, vending machine users could pay with coins, cash, and cards. Electric machines were first seen in the late 20th century. This made them even more efficient.

Heating and cooling technologies allowed vending machines to store fresh foods. These healthy items improve workplace culture and boost employee retention. Employees who eat right feel their best.

Leaders in Vending Technology

Are you ready for a breakroom renovation? If so, contact American Food & Vending! We are leaders in intelligent vending solutions. We recently won NAMA’s 2024 Operator of the Year Award. This shows our passion for cutting-edge tech.

Our vending machines improve company culture. Additionally, they can save you time and money. How? Real-time tracking lets us monitor your machines. We’ll see if you’re running low and restock products as needed. Thus, your vending machines stay full. This keeps employees happy.

Technology also helps us learn what products employees want. We track trends and purchases. Therefore, we only offer items customers crave.

Lastly, AFV stays one step ahead of problems. We use data to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Your vending machines function at their best. Plus, you’ll save more money on repair costs

Lastly, ZippyAssist makes checkouts fast and easy. It provides instant refunds and quick support and speaks different languages.

AFV Goes Beyond Office Vending Machines

Do you want a breakroom update? AFV can help! We offer more than vending services. Employees can buy fresh food in our Akron Micro Markets 24/7. Or, boost employee satisfaction with a Cleveland office pantry. Free food is one of the best employee perks!

Contact AFV today at 1-800-466-9261 for more info. Ask us about our Canton water filtration, office coffee, and vending solutions. We hope to hear from you soon!

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6 Reasons It’s Time to Switch Up the Snacks in Your Akron, Canton, or Cleveland Vending Machine

Check the vending machine snacks in different breakrooms, and you’ll see some repeats. These are the best-sellers that employees and customers in Akron, Canton, and Cleveland love. But you will also see more than these core snack vending items. These are the slots that American Food & Vending tailors to your location. It may be seasonal items, new choices, healthy alternatives, or trending snacks. This ever-changing selection keeps the office vending machine fresh and boots workplace culture.

Let’s explore the reasons why rotating snacks is a must and how this breakroom update can be an employee perk.

1. Vending Machine Snacks Need to Meet Diverse Tastes

It’s no secret that your staff has different likes and dietary needs. By swapping out the snack options, you can appeal to more employees. Sweet, spicy, savory, or salty—bringing in more options lets everyone get a snack they enjoy.

2. Healthier Options Drive Well-Being in Akron

Healthier updates to the Akron vending machines can inspire better eating habits. Stock a mix of low-calorie, low-sugar, and nutrient-rich snacks to help employees with wellness. New healthy items rotated in let staff try new tastes while still meeting their goals.

3. Snacks Impact Morale and Happiness in Cleveland

Things that are new and different call to our sense of adventure. Adding those kinds of snack options to the Canton breakroom brings a sense of excitement. Staff will anticipate the fresh flavors and ingredients. Tapping into that shows employees their needs and preferences are considered. That makes them happy and keeps morale high.

Akron Employee Perks | Canton Breakroom Technology | Cleveland Vending Machine Snacks

4. New Snacks in the Vending Machine Drive Away Boredom

It becomes dull when we see the same snacks daily in the Akron breakroom. Snack fatigue sets in. On the other hand, if there are always new choices, vending can’t get old or tired. Discovering what’s in the snack vending machine is something small, yet positive employees can look forward to. This applies to beverage vending machines, too.

5. Snack Swapping Makes Room for Seasonal Variety

Changing the snacks to match the season or a theme adds fun to the workday. Think pumpkin-flavored treats in the Canton vending machine. Find out what new items are heart-healthy in February which is heart health awareness month. Employees will be more engaged and overall happier.

Akron office coffee service is another great way to introduce seasonal flavors. It’s easy to offer flavored coffee in pods or hot tea bags. We also offer a line of dairy and non-dairy-flavored creamers for a festive splash of the season.

6. Changing Snacks Gives Employees a Voice in Canton

Nothing makes staff happier than having a voice. Our breakroom technology gives them that. ZippyAssit lets them reach us directly with issues and snack requests. When they see the new options, they will know they were heard, which increases satisfaction and retention.

Now is the Time to Swap in New and Tasty Snacks

A new lineup of snacks is a breakroom renovation you won’t want to miss. It meets more diverse tastes, wellness goals, and the fun of seasonal flavors. You’ll get a company culture boost. Employee retention will soar thanks to the staff who feel valued.

Contact American Food & Vending now to get the best Akron refreshment services. This includes office vending, Micro Markets, and other breakroom solutions. We have the know-how to deliver the best. We were awarded the 2024 Operator of the Year by a national organization. It was an honor because we were just serving our Akron, Canton, and Cleveland customers. Call us today at 1-800-466-9261 to create a breakroom that is an employee benefit.

2024 NAMA Operator of the Year | Breakroom Technology | Refreshment Services

AFV Named NAMA’s 2024 Operator of the Year

American Food & Vending has been named NAMA’s 2024 Operator of the Year! NAMA, or the National Automatic Merchandising Association, provides advocacy, education, and research for companies in the convenience service industry. This award is given to businesses that advance the industry through innovation and show a willingness to push beyond traditional practices.

Leading the Way in Technology

One of the reasons we won the 2024 Operator of the Year is our leadership in breakroom technology. We have made big investments in technology. And we even made our own systems to use across multiple states. This has made us a top break room provider. We offer everything from Micro Markets and office pantry services to vending machines. We also offer ZippyAssist, which has made a big impact. This is a customer service app for vending machines. It makes it easy for teams to report issues or request new products. This has helped make break rooms great for offices. As a result, AFV fuels teams and makes them happy to be at work.

New Breakroom Ideas

2024 NAMA Operator of the Year | Breakroom Solutions | Employee Benefit

AFV’s commitment to new ideas goes beyond technology, too. We offer many refreshment services that make workplaces better and keep employees happy. These offers include coffee, tea, and water to suit everyone’s tastes. Plus, we have pantry solutions to keep breakrooms full of healthy and tasty snacks. These updates aren’t just convenient. They also help create a positive company culture, which means better employee retention. So, it’s good for both your team and the business.

The Owners of AFV

People know Joshua and Martin Wells, the co-owners of AFV, for their hard work and dedication to the industry. They have shown great determination in overcoming challenges and always improving their business. They are also very involved in industry organizations like NAMA and NYSAVA. The bottom line is that they care about their work, their team, and, of course, their clients.

Joshua Wells has played an important role in NAMA. He participated in Fly-In and Advocacy Summits and served on the Board of Directors from 2014 to 2020. Thus, he has helped shape the industry and bring positive changes. NAMA recognized the Wells brothers’ hard work when the Wells brothers accepted the 2024 Operator of the Year Award for AFV. And now, they will keep working to move forward.

Proud 2024 Operator of the Year

Being named the 2024 Operator of the Year by NAMA shows how committed AFV is to being a great leader in the food service industry. And we want to help make your breakroom the best it can be.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get started!

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8 Reasons Your St. Louis, Edwardsville, or Clayton Office Needs a Water Filtration System

Office water filtration is a great breakroom renovation. It improves office health, keeps water fresh, improves productivity, and boosts morale. It’s also a great way to show support for earth-friendly breakroom solutions.

Office Water Filtration Has Many Benefits

American Food & Vending offers water filtration in St. Louis, Edwardsville, and Clayton. We help choose the right solution for each client to get the best result. It’s a fast-growing employee benefit that many companies are adding. Here are the reasons why:

1. Office Water Filtration Ensures Quality

Water from an office filtration system is clean and easy to get. The filter removes contaminants, chlorine, and other impurities, which improves taste, which is an employee perk.

Filtered water can prevent exposure to items with harmful long-term effects. Heavy metals, for example, can contribute to long-term health issues for employees. Get rid of those with filters.

Are you worried about germs? UV technology purifies water so staff can confidently use the office water cooler. This is the type of breakroom update that shows you care, and it drives up the employee retention rate.

2. Drives Performance

Studies show that drinking enough water impacts productivity. That means to function at their best, staff need to stay hydrated. Quick access to chilled, purified, or filtered water gives them that. Staff can trust the water is clean and tastes great too.

3. Boosts Energy

Just as drinking water helps with performance, it also boosts energy. That means clearer thoughts, fewer problems, and better work. St. Louis water filtration gets staff to drink more water. It’s an oasis that revives tired employees.

4. Aids Employee Health

Clean filtered water keeps your staff from ingesting impurities; the more they drink, the better their health. Water is known to promote all types of functions. UC Davis Health says water is how nutrients get to cells, how the body gets rid of waste, how joints and organs protect themselves, and how the body maintains its temperature. That’s a lot for such a simple beverage. But it’s powerful. Offering Clayton filtered water in your employee perks package can help staff live healthier lives. Thus, reducing their sick time and insurance costs. It’s a win for all!

5. Office Water Filtration Creates a Social Hub

Does company culture need a boost? Why not bring back the water cooler? Today’s water systems are better looking and offer hot, cold, and room-temperature water. But most importantly, they bring people together. Staff grabbing a refill can chat, catch up on a project, or hash out a new idea. There’s no better way to boost morale.

St. Louis Refreshment Services | Edwardsville Company Culture | Clayton Office Water Filtration

6. Reduces Single-Use Plastics

Water filtration will help reduce your carbon footprint by more than 70%. Part of that is refilling cups and bottles, which means your staff uses less single-use plastic. This lets you use water filtration to align with sustainability goals.

7. Pairs Well With More Services

When filtered water is added to a breakroom, office coffee tastes better. The instant hot water makes brewing hot tea or making hot chocolate quick and easy.

A glass of filtered water is a healthy choice to enjoy with meals from the St. Louis Micro Market. You can also quench your thirst with a snack from the Edwardsville vending machines. American Food & Vending will install the filtration system, making it one of the most hassle-free breakroom solutions.

8. Creates a Drinking Experience

A specialty water filter can make water personalized and exciting. Bevi water coolers, for example, let staff create their own water-based drink in seconds. They can choose still or sparkling water and change the intensity of the bubbles. Over a dozen natural flavors and three enhancements are available. Plus, staff can craft all this from their smartphone. It’s a new way to boost workplace culture.

St. Louis Office Water Filtration is a Breakroom Must

Adding water filtration service to your St. Louis, Edwardsville, or Clayton breakroom has far-reaching benefits. It ensures high-quality water that can keep staff healthy. It drives hydration, which helps performance, boosts energy, and keeps your body working well. Our water dispensers are also convenient and green and make water an experience.

Contact American Food & Vending to learn more about water filtration. We have the refreshment services to get you and your team more water-related perks. Don’t forget to ask about vending and office pantry services, too. We have it all!

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How St. Louis, Edwardsville, and Clayton Breakroom Solutions Can Reduce Stress and Boost Employee Wellness

Stress has a huge impact on employee wellness. As workplace pressures mount, employees may seek comfort in food. Emotional eating can lead to weight gain and higher BMI. Additionally, overeating has been linked to depression.

Want to promote a healthy workplace culture? A breakroom update can help. American Food & Vending will fill your St. Louis  Micro Market with fresh foods. We can also stock your vending machines with healthy snacks. These can replace sugary comfort foods.

Want to learn more? Here’s how better Clayton refreshment services can prevent stress eating.

Healthier Snacking Options in St. Louis

Employees may grab salty or sugary snacks if they feel stressed. Healthy foods help them make better-for-you choices under pressure. Luckily, American Food & Vending offers many delicious and nutritious options. We’ll fill your Micro Market with the freshest options in town. Buy salads or wraps 24/7. Employees can also get hot meals on the go!

Want to promote a healthier company culture? Ask us about our CHOWIT Charge Program. Employees can buy healthy foods and have payments automatically deducted from their paychecks. We also offer bundled meal discounts. Employees can enjoy deep discounts on their favorite fresh foods. This is a fantastic employee benefit!

Looking for other healthy ways to treat your team? Stock your Edwardsville office pantry with nutritious snacks. Employees can stay healthy without spending a dime, which improves employee retention and satisfaction and is also a great employee perk.

We also offer catering and food truck services. Host a workplace wellness class and provide healthy meals on-site. This is a great way to teach employees about healthy eating habits.

Healthy Hydration Promotes Employee Wellness

St. Louis Breakroom Update | Edwardsville Workplace Culture | Clayton Employee Wellness

Did you know that drinking water curbs hunger? That’s right! Instead of snacking, employees can enjoy healthy beverages. Stock your St. Louis beverage vending machines with refreshing options. Some great choices are energy drinks and juices.

Our Clayton breakroom technology makes staying hydrated quick and convenient. ZippyAssist provides 24/7 support and instant refunds.

Want other healthy hydration options? Add tea to your Edwardsville office coffee service. Tea supports the immune system and can lower stress.

Or, get a St. Louis water filtration unit. It removes chemical tastes and odors, making water fresh and delicious. You can also add hot filtered water to your tea and coffee, improving the taste!

Create a Relaxing Space in Edwardsville

You can transform the breakroom into a relaxing employee oasis. How? Provide comfy couches and seats. Paint the walls with calming colors. For example, blue and green are great options. Add a touch of natural beauty with houseplants.

You can also set up designated quiet hours. This allows employees to enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

American Food & Vending Is Committed to Employee Wellness

Put an end to stress eating for good with a breakroom renovation. American Food & Vending offers healthy snacks, fresh foods, and refreshing beverages.

Contact us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

St. Louis Workplace Food Options | Ladue Micro Market | Clayton Breakroom Technology

3 Ways Tasty Workplace Food Options Improve St. Louis, Edwardsville, and Clayton Breakrooms

Flavorful workplace food options are a must-have in St. Louis’s breakrooms. Why? Believe it or not, taste plays a huge role in the office. Tasty snacks promote a healthy company culture. When food is delicious and nutritious, employees are guaranteed to eat more. Comfort food tames stress, supporting employees’ mental health. A healthy, happy workforce also performs at its best, improving productivity.

So, how can your office benefit from the science of taste? Upgrade your Edwardsville vending and refreshment services with delicious snacks. American Food & Vending is here to help!

Here are three ways tasty food improves your Clayton breakroom solutions.

1. Options for Everyone

Busy employees may skip lunch to complete their to-do lists. Healthy snacks can replace meals. Stock your St. Louis vending machines with plenty of snacking options. Thus, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds!

Studies have found that different flavors can be linked to different personalities. For example, go-getters love salty foods. Social butterflies prefer sweets. American Food & Vending has options for everybody. We’ll customize the perfect menu for you. Get fresh food, salty snacks, and candy. Additionally, our Clayton breakroom technology makes purchases easy. ZippyAssist offers speedy service and instant refunds.

2. Supports Employee Health and Wellness in St. Louis

Want to help employees feel their best? If so, offer more savory food options. Enticing smells tempt you to eat. Fill your St. Louis Micro Market with fresh food. The delicious flavors and aromas encourage employees to make better-for-you choices. They can get salads, soups, and sandwiches. These are great employee perks!

St. Louis Employee Benefit | Ladue Refreshment Services | Clayton Workplace Food Options

American Food & Vending offers healthy grab-and-go refreshments. We also have hot meal options. We’ll help you pick the perfect products. Plus, we offer bundled meal discounts. This lets employees eat healthily on a budget.

Or, ask us about our CHOWIT Charge Program. Employees can buy food from your Micro Market. All purchases will be deducted from their paychecks. No cash, no problem! This makes healthy eating easy and is a wonderful employee benefit.

Want more ways to wow employees? American Food & Vending offers catering, food trucks, and food group lunches. Fun events promote connection and collaboration.

3. Healthy Workplace Food Options Boost Productivity

Tasty foods don’t just benefit employees. Businesses profit too! Flavorful foods keep teams fueled. If employees enjoy the delicious flavors, they’ll be sure to eat. This improves their performance and productivity.

Additionally, food can improve employee retention. Stock your St. Louis office pantry with scrumptious snacks. Free food makes employees feel valued. Thus, they’ll stick around for longer.

Add More Delicious Workplace Food Options to Your St. Louis Breakroom

Give employees what they crave! Great-tasting food improves employee wellness, satisfaction, performance, and retention.

Ready for your Clayton breakroom update? Contact American Food & Vending today. Our fresh food and breakroom renovation solutions will keep your team happy and well-fed. Ask us about our vending, Micro Market, office pantry, and office coffee services. We’re excited to chat with you!

Phoenix Vending Technology | Chandler Gourmet Breakroom | Scottsdale Refreshment Services

We Make Scottsdale Gourmet Breakrooms Tech-Savvy

Today’s employees love modern breakroom technology. It makes their lives simple and secure. Thus, make your Scottsdale gourmet breakroom tech-savvy. This boosts productivity. It’s also great for employee retention.

Need help? Call American Food & Vending! Our Chandler breakroom solutions will make your office smarter. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Employees Can Easily Buy Their Favorite Foods 24/7

Many employees are now returning to the office. While working from home, they could always grab food from the kitchen. Our Phoenix Micro Markets let them do the same at work. Our Micro Markets are open 24/7. They also have self-checkout kiosks that take cards, cash, and mobile wallets. Therefore, employees can buy fresh foods whenever they want. They can also shop for snacks and drinks. A Micro Market is like a kitchen away from home!

Employees will want to return to the office, and they’ll also save time from driving to the store. Thus, they’ll be well-fed and more productive.

Want to excite them even more? Consider subsidizing your Micro Market. Employees will enjoy discounts on their favorite items. Or, get a Scottsdale office pantry. Employees can eat for free! These are great employee perks. It also shows how much you care and improves workplace culture.

2. We Make Phoenix Gourmet Breakrooms Safe and Secure

Employees worry about their data privacy. Luckily, our Chandler refreshment services keep them protected. How? Our Phoenix vending machines have Golden Eye software, which keeps users’ sensitive information safe. Thus, they can make purchases with confidence.

Additionally, we use ZippyAssist. This offers quick responses and instant refunds. Didn’t get the item you wanted? You’ll get your money back fast. Need help? ZippyAssist offers 24/7 support.

Lastly, we own and manage our self-service Micro Market kiosks. If issues happen, our in-house team is always here to help.

Phoenix Gourmet Breakroom | Chandler Employee Retention | Scottsdale Micro Market Technology

3. Our Technology Is Eco-Friendly

More employees want to do their part to protect the planet. We can make your breakroom greener. Ask us about our Scottsdale water filtration systems. This breakroom update reduces plastic waste and supports a sustainable company culture. Just fill up your cup and go!

Our units make water taste great. They also fit into any sized breakroom. We have countertop and freestanding models. They can also be plumbed in.

Additionally, we offer eco-friendly Phoenix office coffee solutions. We partner with fair trade companies. This helps people and the planet.

We Make Scottsdale Gourmet Breakrooms Smart

Want a breakroom renovation? Call American Food & Vending today! Our technology makes breakrooms safe, convenient, and secure. It’s a wonderful employee perk!

Contact us today to learn more. We offer Micro Market, vending, water filtration, and office coffee services. We look forward to hearing from you!

Phoenix Gourmet Breakroom | Chandler Employee Retention | Scottsdale Company Culture

Elevate Office Dining with a Gourmet Breakroom Experience in Phoenix

Picture the perfect gourmet breakroom experience in your Phoenix workplace. The scent of freshly ground coffee fills the air. An employee picks out a tasty yogurt parfait from the glass-front cooler. Meanwhile,  other employees browse fresh-made sandwiches and savory snacks. Creating a gourmet breakroom experience can boost employee satisfaction.

The good news is that adding gourmet touches to your refreshment services is easy. American Food & Vending can provide the breakroom update of your dreams. Read on to learn how!

What is a Gourmet Breakroom Experience?

Offering your team a gourmet breakroom experience means providing quality snacks, food, and drinks. This concept applies to all areas of the breakroom.

One area to bring the gourmet touch is your Phoenix office coffee service. Offer your team a superior coffee service with the latest office coffee equipment. Plus, you can serve premium coffee brands or popular national brands. How about a tasty latte for a mid-morning break? Or try a cup of gourmet tea.

Another way to create a gourmet breakroom is with a Phoenix Micro Market. Our REFRESH EXPRESS™ Micro Market goes above and beyond to offer a gourmet experience. This breakroom renovation makes it easy for your team to access various snacks, foods, and beverages. From healthy options to beloved local brands, we can stock your Micro Market with all your favorites. Our experts will work with you to make a custom menu.

Benefits of Our Phoenix Micro Markets

Employee perks like a gourmet breakroom experience make work a more appealing place for employees to spend their time. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. A Chandler Micro Market can do wonders for your workplace culture. Here are the benefits this breakroom solution offers:

  • Improved Morale

A Micro Market can boost employee satisfaction. Subsidized micro markets can make your team even happier. With this service, you cover a portion of the costs of refreshments. This is an excellent employee benefit your team will love.

Employees are more likely to gather in the breakroom with a Micro Market. When your team gets along well, they’ll also work better together. Employees can chat over a snack or a cup of coffee.

Phoenix Employee Benefit | Chandler Micro Market | Scottsdale Gourmet Breakroom

  • Support Wellness

Serve healthy options and support your team’s wellness goals. Enjoy a healthy snack of fresh fruit, or try a salad for lunch. From gluten-free items to keto-friendly snacks, we can stock it all.

  • Retain and Recruit

An attractive Micro Market can also boost employee retention. Plus, it can help your workplace stand out to new talent.

  • Provides Convenience

Your team doesn’t have to leave the building to find gourmet meals and snacks. Instead, they can head to the breakroom to find all their favorite refreshments. Payments are easy, too. Simply pay at the self-serve kiosk after shopping. Our kiosks use modern technology and accept credit cards and mobile wallet payments.

  • Boost Brand Image

A Micro Market can help your Scottsdale breakroom stand out as a leader. This can boost company culture and help elevate your brand. Did you know we can customize your market’s branding?  Your brand will shine in your new gourmet breakroom.

Creating Your Gourmet Breakroom in Chandler

Are you ready for a breakroom update? Offer your Phoenix team a gourmet breakroom experience they’ll look forward to daily.

We tailor our custom breakroom solutions to meet your needs. Give us a call to discuss your ideal gourmet breakroom. From a Micro Market to an office pantry service, we can find the right fit for your workplace. Contact American Food & Vending today to learn more. We look forward to working with you.

Indianapolis Office Coffee | Carmel, IN Refreshment Services | Westfield Company Culture

Spark Creativity with Indianapolis Office Coffee Services

Want a more creative company culture? Westfield, IN office coffee services can help! Delicious coffee encourages collaboration. Employees can brainstorm fresh ideas. They can also step away from their desks for a quick break. This refreshes their thoughts, and employees can approach issues from new angles.

American Food & Vending can turn your breakroom into a creative hub. How? With better refreshment services! Keep reading to learn more.

How Office Coffee Sparks Creativity

Did you know that coffee inspires innovation? That’s right! Firstly, coffee encourages conversation. Coworkers can discuss new ideas, which makes them closer and can improve workplace culture.

Coffee also perks you up, and your employees will stay alert all day. They’ll overcome midday slumps, and they can think on their feet.

Lastly, gourmet coffee turns your breakroom into a café. Coffee houses breed creativity, plus an office coffee area is a cozy place to relax.

Upgrade Your Indianapolis Office Coffee Service with a Better Brewer

Every good office coffee service starts with a top-notch brewer. Add a bean-to-cup brewer to your breakroom. These make coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos, meaning there are options for everyone. What a great employee perk!

Looking for something else? Try a single-cup coffee machine. It brews coffee by the pod, and every cup tastes fresh. Users can make their favorite flavors in minutes.

Have a larger office? Ask us about our traditional coffee services. This is great for workplaces with high coffee consumption.

Indianapolis Water Filtration | Carmel, IN Employee Benefit | Westfield Breakroom Solutions

Add a Carmel, IN Water Filtration Unit

Want fresher coffee? Get an Indianapolis water filtration unit. It gets rid of chemical odors and tastes. This improves coffee flavor, and it’s a great employee benefit!

Delicious water supports workplace wellness. When water tastes great, employees will want to drink more. Hydration keeps your brain sharp, improving creativity.

We offer water filtration units for breakrooms of all sizes. For instance, we have countertops and freestanding units. We’ll help you find the right unit for your specific needs.

Don’t Forget Fresh Food!

Coffee isn’t the only thing that boosts creativity; fresh food does, too! Ask us about our Carmel, IN Micro Markets. These on-site stores have endless options and offer fresh salads and soups. Stock the shelves with wholesome snacks, employees can buy healthy foods 24/7.

You can also upgrade your vending machines. We use advanced vending technology and healthy eating has never been easier! Just make a selection and pay with your card or phone. Need assistance with your order? ZippyAssist provides fast customer support.

Improve Creativity with Carmel, IN Office Coffee

Ready for your breakroom renovation? We’re here to help! Our office coffee service can boost creativity, which leads higher employee retention. Why? Employees love flavorful coffee!

Contact American Food & Vending today for more information. Ask us about our office coffee, vending, and Micro Market solutions. We’re excited to speak with you!